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For the past 30 years we have spent our time analysing the market, working with major hedge funds and understanding what invisible strings control the American stock exchange.

We have created a wealth of knowledge on real-time market manipulation and the "signals" to pay attention to. These real-time signals are currently only available to hedge fund syndicates and some of the most powerful entities on earth.

Timing is crucial with these signals. 1 hour behind and you miss out...and by the time you see these "signals" through newsletters and public forums, it's too late.

We are going to be giving these signals the exact time they occur...

And we are doing it for free.

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What is Markets Leaked

At Markets Leaked, we are on a mission to challenge the established norms of Wall Street by empowering retail investors with critical insights and tools. Our assault on the status quo involves demystifying market Ret manipulations, promoting stock segregation for direct take ownership, and advocating for informed, strategic investment decisions. Through our services, we aim to level the playing field against misinformation and large financial institutions' influence, providing our subscribers with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the complexities of the stock market. Our commitment is to be a beacon of transparency. education, and empowerment in an environment often clouded by the agendas of powerful entities

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